Presentation Prompter 5.8 Crack Mac with License Key Latest Free Download [2021]

Presentation Prompter 5.8 Mac Crack helps you create a successful presentation. It is made for anyone who has ever used playing cards or read scripts. Presentation Whisper turns your Mac into a teleprompter and helps you deliver successful presentations. It is made for live players, news presenters, actors, public speakers, storytellers and anyone who has ever used cue cards or read a script. Write or import scripts and scroll smoothly through one or more screens.

Presentation Prompter 5.8 Crack Mac License Key Latest Download

Presentation Prompter License Key 2021 Free Download

Smoothly scroll through content across one or two screens. Presentation Prompter Crack, optionally only run the script on a different screen if you are using a mirror skin. Teleprompter operators see exactly what the talent sees on their own screen, resulting in better communication between the operator and the talent. Adjust any speech rate or text size with precise speed control using your keyboard, trackpad or dedicated remote.

Customize the presentation prompt to suit your needs. Presentation Prompter Mac Torrent hold your reading position with the adjustable focus arrows. Minimize eye movements with a click on the edges. The clock on the screen and the estimated time remaining will help you stay within the set time. Don’t worry about accidental edits, screensaver activation, or other distractions when prompted. You can also try; Prepros 7.3.48 Crack Mac OS

Presentation Prompter 2021 Crack Full Version

Write and modify scripts in a custom editing environment – no need to use a separate application. Highlight the speaker’s name, use special styles for words that are difficult to pronounce, and separate them neatly for legibility. You can use any combination of font, color, and spacing for legibility and emphasis. Take advantage of existing content and import anything in Microsoft Word, RTF, or other common file formats.

Presentation Prompter 5.8 Crack Mac use bullet points to navigate large scripts or practice specific sections. You can mark sections of interest and go directly to them in the favorites menu. Find the right place by naming the favorite and see a live preview of nearby text.

Key Features of Presentation Prompter Crack

  • Smooth scrolling, GPU accelerated and tuned for specific hardware.
  • Precise speed control lets you adjust speech rate or text size.
  • The dual screen prompt shows your script on the second screen. If desired, simply reverse the script on another screen if you are using a mirror cabinet.
  • Teleprompter operators can see exactly what talent sees on their own screen, resulting in better communication between operator and talent.
  • Minimize flair eye movement with one click margins.
  • Hold your reading position with the adjustable focus arrow.
  • Never exceed your allotted time! Show hours and estimated remaining time under your time perception script.
  • Prevents accidental operations, screensaver activation and other distractions when ordering.
  • Bookmark interesting sections and open them directly with favorites. Great for practicing difficult sections or managing large scripts.
  • Control the prompt with your keyboard and trackpad, or use a dedicated remote or controller.
  • Write and modify scripts in a custom editing environment, no need to use a separate application.
  • Highlight the speaker’s name, use special styles for words that are difficult to pronounce, and position the lines perfectly for easier reading. Use any combination of fonts, colors and spacing for legibility and emphasis.
  • Compatible with MS Word and other common file formats to quickly insert existing content into a presentation prompt.
  • Print scripts for backup or training purposes. The ink saving feature improves readability and print time.

Presentation Prompter 5.8 Crack Mac License Key Latest Download

What’s New in Presentation Prompter 5.8?


– Added a “Show prompt in document” button to the Prompt menu. It reveals hover arrows, time bars and margins in edit mode, allowing you to adjust content between mode changes. Presentation Prompter Crack also has the appropriate preferences and is active by default.

– The prompt in the window is active by default.

– New streaming support. Operator windows appear in more streaming apps.

– Added “Resize Document Prompter” and preset size in Window menu. This sets the prompter size and makes it easier to work with certain resolutions, especially for streaming. The list of sizes can be adjusted.

– Added “Lock Window” option to Window menu. This prevents accidental resizing of windows in edit mode, which is useful when streaming.

– Recreate the Whisperer Preferences tab. It has better organization and annotations, and new settings for managing the default “Show prompt in edit mode” and “Show bookmarks in prompt mode”.

– Added edge alignment check in preview window. Allows the whisper to fit any edge or corner when using the margins (not just the center). This is useful if you mount the screen next to the camera without a mirror cap.

– The What’s New panel serves as a more visual overview of recent changes.


– Improved window zoom behavior with dual screen prompts. Zooming enlarges the document window to match the prompt mode size (or as close as possible).

– Improves sync positions when changing modes when prompter content is not resized.

– Window prompts now (usually) leave windows where you place them between modes, unless the window is resized.

– Additional optimizations done in prompt mode.

– Made the window size softer.

– Control-clicking the “Change Resolution” button in the preview pane (if a second screen has a very high resolution) displays a menu of applicable resolutions.

– The allowable width margin increased from 50% to 75%.

– The colors of the focus arrows become more vivid. Note: Users need to reset the hover arrow color to get the new colors.

– The speed boost slider in general preferences now allows any step between 0.1 and 1.


– Fixed shortcut keys so that they are not activated next to menu shortcuts.

– Fixed scrollbar to show on mouse over in prompt mode.

– Fixed a bug where the elapsed timer starts counting when entering prompt mode before starting the prompt.

– Fixed a subtle off-by-1 pixel bug that could appear under unusual circumstances.

– Fixed tab stops and “Reset Ruler” function to use correct default tab stop settings.

– Fixed an issue with the font panel flashing briefly on startup. Once you realize this, you can’t undo it. Now that you can no longer see it, you have a reason to update.

– Fixed several minor interface glitches in macOS 11 “Big Sur”.

– Other improvements and internal fixes. Many changes.

How to Install & Crack?

  • First of all download Presentation Prompter Crack 2021 from the link given in the end.
  • Extract the RAR or Zip file on your desired location
  • Now open the files and not run the program
  • Copy the patch file and paste it to the main file
  • Now run the software and it will be done
  • Enjoy the software for free!

System Requirements

  • Mac OS: Requires macOS 10.6.8 or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 100 MB free hard disk space
  • RAM: 512 MB RAM
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core Processor

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