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Framer X 24 Crack lets you start with simple code to animate your design. Test on any device, interact as you go and share easily to get feedback. Pioneer in new patterns of interaction or creation of innovative animations. There are no restrictions, there are no obstacles. Bring your creative ideas to life with Framer X, the ultimate tool for interactive design.

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Framer X 24 Mac Crack Latest Version

It has all the team collaboration features you would expect from a browser-based design tool: multiplayer editing, easy sharing, built-in comments, reusable components and developer delivery.

Import from one of your favorite visual design tools or start from scratch in Framer. Just click with the right mouse button to exchange static elements and replace them with interactive components. Magic Motion feature of Framer X 24 Mac Torrent is a visual way to create immersive prototypes. Just use the connector to draw links between elements on the screen. Manipulate the Framer’s size or position and find out everything. Draw simple card animations or make complicated prototypes.

For those who want to go beyond the pure look. And express how you feel. Framer X 24 Crack is a tool that gives your work a competitive advantage. Without sacrificing speed.

Salient Features

The code has never been this easy

  • Auto-Code makes starting a project as easy as inserting layers. Define interactions or manipulate their properties directly on the panel and pay attention when your code is written. Simple syntax, preloaded actions and autocomplete commands take you from the basic design to the advanced prototype quickly.

Live editing in every device

  • Drag the icon, resize the image, or move the layer directly on the visual screen. Whatever you do, the automatic code will continue to follow you. Need to see your prototype in your home environment? Framer supports many platforms – iOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows or the Web.

Unleash your Creativity

In addition to the existing transitions and fast animation. Combine real-world data and build the next level interface using special components. This is the perfect environment to find the impossible.

  • Motion – adjust the animation to make the layers move in perfect harmony.
  • Touch – select the original interaction patterns that have been pre-loaded or adjusted.
  • Depth – respond to changes in orientation and tilt the layer in 3D space.
  • Input – captures actual user input to test and work with real user data.
  • Data – Drag profile photos, usernames or anything else with the API.
  • Adaptable – Create responsive prototypes that adapt to user interaction.

Improve your design workflow

  • Import graphics directly from Sketch or Photoshop. Changes to your mockup are easily synchronized with the board. Ready to get feedback? Present in full screen, browse on a mobile device or share with the world.

Get started today

Jumping to Framer, however, makes sense to you. Start with a step-by-step guide, take a class on Skill-share or watch a video tutorial on Youtube. Or join our community and get real-time answers to your design questions.

  • Resources – articles for beginners, detailed tutorials and modules.
  • Import sketches – Step by step guide to organize and import.
  • Device Preview – get companion apps for iOS and Android.
  • Community – Join the Framer or RSVP group at the meeting.

Framer X 21 Crack Mac Full Version Torrent 2020 Download

What’s New in Framer X 24


  • Text in scroll content stays visible while editing.
  • Selecting multiple frames and right-clicking a layer name will display a menu instead of losing your selections.


  • Automatic proxy support.
  • Click a layer and hit return to rename.

System Requirements

  • OS: Mac OS 10.12 or later
  • Processor: 64-bit processor (Intel)

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