Adobe Zii 6.1.7 CC 2021 Crack for Mac OS Universal Patcher Free Download [Latest]

Adobe Zii 6.1.7 CC 2021 Crack Mac is a great little utility that helps you forget all the hassle of registering all your existing Adobe products. It is an activation tool for all Adobe products and only supports Mac. It’s the only tool you can run on MacOS and you can get the full version of Photoshop, Dreamweaver, After Effects, Illustrator etc. It is very easy to use because it has the ability to automatically detect the products installed on your machine.

This software was developed by TNT and supports activation of newer and older versions, including the 2020 product. In this way, you are not confused about choosing the right product. Adobe Zii Universal Patcher Crack is very easy to use, because everything works automatically and you don’t have to follow many steps. Developers use Dreamweaver to code and verify their code directly. After Effects can be used to edit videos. Illustrator is also a tool used to create vector graphics, logos and info graphics, etc.

Adobe Zii 6.1.6 CC 2021 Crack Mac OS Universal Patcher Download

Adobe Zii 6.1.7 CC 2021 for Mac OS X Latest Version

Now the problem has come here: all products come with a 15 day free trial, which means you can’t use it after 15 days. They will ask you to buy it if you want to continue using it on your machine. As you know, not everyone can buy because they don’t have enough money. This is the main reason for using Adobe Zii CC 2021 Crack on your computer as it allows you to activate everything at no cost.

Adobe Zii Crack for Mac Features:

  • Adobe Zii is a very reliable tool and never fails to use it on your Mac.
  • Another feature of Adobe Zii CC for Mac OS is that it automatically detects products that are installed on your machine. Then just click on Patch and it will automatically activate the installed product.
  • If you have problems detecting software installed on your computer, don’t worry. Because it also allows you to activate it manually, also called activation by drag and drop. Simply drag and drop this application manually to Adobe Zii
  • It supports almost all newer and older Mac versions; therefore, if you run macOS Sierra or macOS Lion, you can still use it on your device without problems.
  • Some people think that Adobe Zii 6.1.7 CC 2021 Patch only extends the trial period, which is completely untrue. When using this application, you will get a lifetime license for this software. This license will remain until you install a new macOS or update a program.
  • It is very clean software and does not contain any type of malware or viruses. It was scanned by Total Virus and found no malicious code.
  • Now, you must think that it will cost you money, right? If so, don’t worry. T.N.T, the developer of this tool, makes it free for everyone. Therefore, if you find a website that sells this activator, you can report it directly to the developer.


Disable Gatekeeper on macOS

Before we go to the guide, we must first disable Gatekeeper, by default we cannot use third-party developer applications. If you already know how to ignore this, just open the practical guide.

This is only for those who don’t know how to disable Gatekeeper and handle problems during installation.

  • First of all Open Finder and from the Menu Click Go and then from the list select Utilities.

Adobe Zii 6.1.6 CC 2021 Crack Mac OS Universal Patcher Download

  • After this, you now need to open Terminal option from there.

Adobe Zii 5.1.9 CC 2020 for Mac OS Free Download

  • In terminal type the following command and hit enter: sudo spctl –master-disable

Adobe Zii 5.1.9 CC 2020 for Mac OS Free Download

  • Then type the Password of Administrator and hit enter.

Adobe Zii 5.1.9 CC 2020 for Mac OS Free Download

  • Now close Terminal and then select Apple icon from the above menu and select System Preferences.

Adobe Zii 5.1.9 CC 2020 for Mac OS Free Download

  • After this, you need to click on Security & Privacy.

Adobe Zii 5.1.9 CC 2020 for Mac OS Free Download

  • Open General section and then click Lock icon located below and it will ask for the Password so type it and hit the enter.

Adobe Zii 5.1.9 CC 2020 for Mac OS Free Download

  • At this time tick, Anywhere Option under Allow Apps Downloaded From.

Adobe Zii 5.1.9 CC 2020 for Mac OS Free Download

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Pros and Cons:

Because Adobe Zii 2021 Crack for Mac is the best tool used to activate Adobe products on Mac operating systems, but there are still disadvantages. Below is a list of some of the pros and cons of this tool that you should check out before downloading.

The Benefits

  • This is a free tool used to activate Adobe
  • This is the only tool available to Mac users
  • Adobe Zii Universal Patcher helps you get a real license for life
  • This is a free tool and you will not be charged
  • This improves your performance
  • There is no virus or malware on it
  • 100% anti-ban, you can use your Adobe ID with this


  • The first launch will take a while
  • You may have a problem disabling Gatekeeper
  • The developer has not been updated since 2017
  • This is a hacking tool that may be illegal in your country
  • This tool was developed by third-party developers.

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